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New teacher Rosvias Dela Cruz went through hardships to achieve her dream for teaching

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It is difficult to believe that someone who now calls teaching her “life” initially discarded her dream of teaching due to constant discouragement.

But this is the case for Rosvias Dela Cruz, this year’s addition to SCHS’s Resource Specialist Program, helping students with academic disabilities, such as Autism and ADHD.

Dela Cruz has always wanted to pursue her aspiration of educating others, but many put her dream down because they didn’t want her to struggle with the difficulties of being a teacher.

Eventually, Dela Cruz put her hopes aside and decided to work towards engineering as a profession. Dela Cruz attended college to receive her Bachelor’s of Science in electronics and communication engineering. She continued to work towards engineering for five years until she finally realized that engineering would not fulfill her dream of being a teacher.

Dela Cruz earned degrees in education and special education from National University. After teaching at numerous schools, Dela Cruz is at SCHS in her 19th year of teaching.

According to Dela Cruz, she fell in love with SCHS as soon as she was welcomed in by students and staff alike.

“It’s all because of the amazing administrators and the wonderful students,” Dela Cruz said. “I think the students here are very manageable and respectable.”

In her classes, Dela Cruz strives to be a loving teacher. She feels she needs to respect how her students think.

“I put myself in their shoes so I can better understand [how they feel],” Dela Cruz said.

Dela Cruz has never thought of discontinuing her career as a teacher.

“I know if I ever stopped teaching, it would end me,” she said.

Based on her experiences of people dissuading her from pursuing teaching, Dela Cruz wants her students to know that they can overcome discouragement and challenges and do what they love.

“Whatever you want, go for it,” she said.


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New teacher Rosvias Dela Cruz went through hardships to achieve her dream for teaching