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The Roar works to inform students, showcase their accomplishments, and explore issues relevant to them as individuals and as a generation. We value journalistic ethics and professional behavior toward both our sources and our readers. We will investigate and inform students about happenings on- and off-campus, and provide information comprehensibly. As a student-run newspaper, The Roar strives to establish itself as a reliable news source for Santa Clara High School.

The Opinion section serves as a platform for students who wish to make their thoughts known, and makes it a priority to print strong, well-argued, and potentially controversial articles while maintaining the paper’s journalistic integrity. The section will present articles on a wide range of topics that concern Santa Clara High School students, and will work to make the opinions published as diverse as possible.

The Campus section focuses on stories directly affecting students at Santa Clara High School. From school event coverage to breaking news, the section reports on students, teachers, and staff.The Campus section will maintain a balance between hard news articles and fun coverage of events. It is a platform for stories that students want to read, and for information that many do not have.

The Arts and Entertainment (A&E) section strives to echo the unique tastes and ambitions of our diverse student body. A&E will feature in-depth reporting and well-researched reviews and profiles, as well as articles on events, clubs, and trends pertinent to the arts. A&E seeks to encourage students to get involved with their school and their community.

The Sports section acts as a medium between the student body and the athletic department, covering Santa Clara High School’s sports teams, issues affecting athletes, and little-known athletic news on campus. The section seeks to provide information about student athletics not available elsewhere.


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About Us