The Roar

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Olive Howden Co Editor-in-Chief See Olive Howden’s profile
See Olive Howden’s profile
Melina Kritikopoulos Co Editor-in-Chief See Melina Kritikopoulos’s profile
See Melina Kritikopoulos’s profile
Amelia Howell Online Editor See Amelia Howell’s profile
See Amelia Howell’s profile
Emily Harvie Arts & Entertainment Editor See Emily Harvie’s profile
See Emily Harvie’s profile
Rickie Thayer Opinion Editor See Rickie Thayer’s profile
See Rickie Thayer’s profile
Zianna Razon Focus Editor See Zianna Razon’s profile
See Zianna Razon’s profile
Federico Martinelli Staff Writer See Federico Martinelli’s profile
See Federico Martinelli’s profile
Leila Duran Staff Writer See Leila Duran’s profile
See Leila Duran’s profile
Jennifer Baker Staff Writer See Jennifer Baker’s profile
See Jennifer Baker’s profile
Mokshitaa Dhamotharan Staff Writer See Mokshitaa Dhamotharan’s profile
See Mokshitaa Dhamotharan’s profile
Stefan Pantic Staff Writer See Stefan Pantic’s profile
See Stefan Pantic’s profile
Soo Jin Spencer Staff Writer See Soo Jin Spencer’s profile
See Soo Jin Spencer’s profile
KennedyRose Stiver Staff Writer See KennedyRose Stiver’s profile
See KennedyRose Stiver’s profile
Maya Dagdag Staff Writer See Maya Dagdag’s profile
See Maya Dagdag’s profile
Nathaniel Hekster Staff Writer See Nathaniel Hekster’s profile
See Nathaniel Hekster’s profile
Isa Miyauchi-Garde Staff Writer See Isa Miyauchi-Garde’s profile
See Isa Miyauchi-Garde’s profile
Sarah Olson Staff Writer See Sarah Olson’s profile
See Sarah Olson’s profile
Khadeejah Khan Staff Writer See Khadeejah Khan’s profile
See Khadeejah Khan’s profile
Elias Panou Staff Writer See Elias Panou’s profile
See Elias Panou’s profile
Franchesca Casis Staff Writer See Franchesca Casis’s profile
See Franchesca Casis’s profile
Karleigh Osenbaugh Staff Writer See Karleigh Osenbaugh’s profile
See Karleigh Osenbaugh’s profile
Olivia Stafford Staff Writer See Olivia Stafford’s profile
See Olivia Stafford’s profile
Alecia Leshan Visuals Editor See Alecia Leshan’s profile
See Alecia Leshan’s profile
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