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Uwey Belletto, Wellness Coordinator

The latest addition to the Wellness Center staff, Uwey Belletto joined as a new Wellness Coordinator with hopes of expanding the Wellness Center and its available resources to Bruins. Born in Campbell, California, Belletto has worked in education for 14 years. She attended the University of California, San Diego for her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology and continued her education at Alliant International University to earn her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Initially, Belletto hoped to become a teacher but realized that making individual bonds with students outside of the classroom – while still in an academic setting – was her true passion.

“I was originally actually thinking about being a teacher, but I really valued the one-on-one connection,” Belletto said. “I’ve always wanted a position where I was in the helping field, and so that was really important to me and that was what drew me to this job.”

Since noticing a lack of Asian Americans in the therapy field, Belleto has aimed to not only fill the gap but also to emphasize her perspective and the voices of other Asian Americans in mental health careers. 

“It’s just always been important for me to represent my culture and be an available resource because I do think that it’s important that we have a voice in mental health,” Belletto said. 

In her free time, Belletto enjoys being around her loved ones. Motivated by curiosity, she also enjoys traveling and has visited dozens of countries, including Thailand, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Israel and Turkey.

“I like to hang out with my friends, my family, and I love to travel,” Belletto said. “I’ve been to over 35 countries.”

Belletto prioritizes having diverse knowledge and experiences with other cultures, food and all things new to her. 

“I love learning about different cultures, trying different foods and immersing myself in a completely different world,” Belletto said. 

For Belletto, students’ comfort and caring deeply for the students who are involved in the Wellness Center is of utmost importance. She wants the Wellness Center to remain a comforting place for everyone, even if many are hesitant to come in. 

“I want the school to know that the Wellness Center is a safe space for students and everyone is welcome,” Belletto said. “Even if you’re a little bit afraid, or you’re a little bit anxious or scared to try it out, I just want everyone to check us out.”

As a new Wellness Coordinator, Belletto wants to ensure students understand that the Wellness Center is not only for counseling but also helps to provide a safe space for everyone any day, for any reason. 

“We (the Wellness Center) are a safe space if you need a break, or you just need to cool down, or you’re having a really hard day,” Belletto said.

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