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2023-2024 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
KennedyRose Stiver Co Editor-in-Chief See KennedyRose Stiver’s profile
See KennedyRose Stiver’s profile
Khadeejah Khan Co Editor-in-Chief See Khadeejah Khan’s profile
See Khadeejah Khan’s profile
Nishita Viswajith Online Editor See Nishita Viswajith’s profile
See Nishita Viswajith’s profile
Theodore Nguyen Alternative Media Editor See Theodore Nguyen’s profile
See Theodore Nguyen’s profile
Rebecca LaBarge Arts & Entertainment Editor See Rebecca LaBarge’s profile
See Rebecca LaBarge’s profile
Soojin Spencer Focus Editor See Soojin Spencer’s profile
See Soojin Spencer’s profile
Elias Panou Opinion Editor See Elias Panou’s profile
See Elias Panou’s profile
Amelia Tai Visuals Editor See Amelia Tai’s profile
See Amelia Tai’s profile
James Kepner Sports Editor See James Kepner’s profile
See James Kepner’s profile
Nicholas Iriberri Staff Writer See Nicholas Iriberri’s profile
See Nicholas Iriberri’s profile
Nishi Vijayvargiya Staff Writer See Nishi Vijayvargiya’s profile
See Nishi Vijayvargiya’s profile
Jazzy Ramirez Staff Writer See Jazzy Ramirez’s profile
See Jazzy Ramirez’s profile
Jackie Duran Staff Writer See Jackie Duran’s profile
See Jackie Duran’s profile
Natalie Smith Staff Writer See Natalie Smith’s profile
See Natalie Smith’s profile
Marayah Aguilar Staff Writer See Marayah Aguilar’s profile
See Marayah Aguilar’s profile
Joshua Cedro Staff Writer See Joshua Cedro’s profile
See Joshua Cedro’s profile
Asia Celestine Staff Writer See Asia Celestine’s profile
See Asia Celestine’s profile
Hannah Lane Staff Writer See Hannah Lane’s profile
See Hannah Lane’s profile
Eduardo Ramos Staff Writer See Eduardo Ramos’s profile
See Eduardo Ramos’s profile
Sonia Mankame Staff Writer See Sonia Mankame’s profile
See Sonia Mankame’s profile
Aisha Shafik Staff Writer See Aisha Shafik’s profile
See Aisha Shafik’s profile
Nicklaus Chui Staff Writer See Nicklaus Chui’s profile
See Nicklaus Chui’s profile
Kai Vader Staff Writer See Kai Vader’s profile
See Kai Vader’s profile
Julia Daroczi Staff Writer See Julia Daroczi’s profile
See Julia Daroczi’s profile
Ellen Vu Staff Writer See Ellen Vu’s profile
See Ellen Vu’s profile
Catalina Lopez Staff Writer See Catalina Lopez’s profile
See Catalina Lopez’s profile
Mia Rahbar Staff Writer See Mia Rahbar’s profile
See Mia Rahbar’s profile
Areha Shah Staff Writer See Areha Shah’s profile
See Areha Shah’s profile
Amanda Troll Staff Writer See Amanda Troll’s profile
See Amanda Troll’s profile

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