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Why Journalism?


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The Journalism class at Santa Clara High produces the school’s print newspaper, The Roar, and its online site. Journalism students take pride in their work, and it shows. In the past, our paper has been recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association as All-American – the NSPA’s highest ranking.

In Journalism, your job is to inform students about what’s important to them. You can write, take photos, edit, or make graphics – it’s up to you what you would like to focus on. 

Journalism students are motivated, hard-working and passionate. That’s why colleges love them. 

We are now accepting applicants to join the class for the 2024-2025 school year. All students with solid writing or art skills and willingness to do the work of the class will be admitted until an enrollment of 25 to 30 is reached. To learn more about the simple application process, click here. To find out what makes the class special, read on!

It’s Real – And It’s Fun

In Journalism, you’re not just writing for your English teacher. You’re writing for a real audience: people at school and others in the community, like parents, policemen and staff in the district office. 

What you write matters. And there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing the newspaper you’ve created distributed to every classroom at Santa Clara High – with your name on it. 

In Journalism, you’ll be writing about what’s actually happening right now on campus. So instead of writing a three-page essay on Lord of the Flies, you might go to a school play and write a review, interview the principal about a new hall pass policy, or state your opinion about a huge issue on campus that needs to be addressed. 

There’s no teacher telling you what to write about. You decide, along with the other Journalism students. You’ll work closely with them on pretty much everything required to publish a newspaper and maintain an online news site. The teacher is more of an adviser and a coach than a teacher.

After one year on staff, you could become an editor and lead other staffers. As an editor, you’ll have the power to shape content and to make decisions about how our newsroom is run.

It Will Change You

In Journalism, you’ll learn lessons you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life: how to ask questions, solve problems, motivate others, manage your time, express yourself clearly, and much more.

Journalism will get you out of your comfort zone. You’ll interview students who are nothing like you, students you hadn’t even noticed existed. You can make those who are invisible visible. You can highlight those who work hard every day doing something they love.

Putting out a paper that begs to be read isn’t easy. It takes students who are self-directed and willing to work hard, who enjoy writing – or to photograph or illustrate. It takes students who love to create. Being a Journalism student is a commitment, but a fulfilling one. Years after you graduate, you will remember your time in Journalism.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Email at [email protected], or speak with Journalism students outside of class. Then apply!

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Why Journalism?