The Roar

Our Mission

The Roar | The Roar is Santa Clara High School’s student newspaper. We work to bring on-campus news to students, showcase their accomplishments, and explore issues relevant to our readers. Our goal is to establish the paper as a reliable and comprehensive news source, and we strive to uphold journalistic ethics and professional behavior.

Opinion | Opinion provides a platform for students to voice their thoughts on issues on-and off-campus. The section works hard to maintain the paper’s journalistic integrity by publishing well-written, well-argued, and diverse viewpoints.

Campus | Campus is a platform for news about our school and our student body. As a section, Campus strives to publish stories that students want to read and information that many do not have, and to report on school events in detail.

Focus | Focus provides the student body with an in-depth look at pressing issues directly tied to our campus. News, trends, and events with a major impact on students will be explored through an in-depth spread in each issue.

Sports | Sports section covers Santa Clara High School’s sports teams, issues affecting athletes, and little-known sports news on campus.  The section seeks to provide information about student athletics not available elsewhere.

A&E | The Arts and Entertainment (A&E) section strives to echo the unique tastes and ambitions of our diverse student body. A&E features strong reporting on events, clubs, and trends pertinent to the arts, as well as reviews that are relevant to readers.

Spotlight | Spotlight uses dynamic photos and colors to help visually bring a story into focus. This section works with trendy and light-hearted features, using art as a supporting tool.


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Our Mission