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The world needs to wake up

“The world needs to wake up”

Nishi Vijayvargiya and Aisha Shafik January 24, 2024

When junior Hamzah Punjsheri first heard about the actions of Palestinians against the occupying state of Israel on Oct. 7, he felt mixed feelings of sorrow and helplessness but also hope by seeing Palestinians...

OPINION: Golf courses and their environmental handicap

Theodore Nguyen January 23, 2024

As the ball is placed on the tee, a well-dressed man eyes the field to find his target. Miles down the fairway is the green, he spots his goal: a red flag signaling the course’s hole. After hitting the...

OPINION: Individualism in teenagers should be celebrated, not repressed

Hannah Lane January 23, 2024

As a teenage girl gets ready for school, her outfit consists of a crop top with pajama pants. She feels confident. But before she makes it out the door, her parents stop her, saying her top is too revealing...

OP ED: Take away French class, take away what really matters

January 23, 2024

Earlier this school year, the SCHS world language department announced their plans to cut the school's French program. This decision was enforced upon the department by the SCUSD after an abrupt and drastic...

OPINION: Education is for the wealthy

OPINION: Education is for the wealthy

Sonia Mankame and Nicholas Iriberri January 23, 2024

The American education system is deeply biased and flawed. From the SAT and AP tests to the very institutions that make up American education, financial inequality remains prevalent and fails to allow...

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