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Nicknames can make students feel connected and comfortable with their identity.

Students recognize nicknames as a part of their identity

Rebecca LaBarge June 4, 2022

Nicknames are often symbols of friendship, terms of affection, inside jokes and even important parts to people’s identities. Regardless of how they get them, many SCHS students go by nicknames, and treasure...

Late American neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithis memoir, When Breath Becomes Air, confronts the realities of mortality.

REVIEW: ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ explores the meaning of life and death

Mylinh Duong May 25, 2022

“I flipped through the CT scan images, the diagnosis obvious: the lungs were matted with innumerable tumors, the spine deformed, a full lobe of the liver obliterated. Cancer, widely disseminated. I was...

BoyWithUkes 11-track album reflects on moments of heartbreak.

REVIEW: BoyWithUke’s ‘Serotonin Dreams’ captures listeners with its catchy heartbreak songs

Joshua Cedro May 10, 2022

Rising artist BoyWithUke released his third album “Serotonin Dreams” on Friday, May 6, making it his first album released in 2022. The album consists of 11 songs lasting around 31 minutes, providing...

Many Bruins find Wordle as a fun and engaging way to spend their time.

Wordle fascinates the SCHS community

James Kepner April 4, 2022

Wordle has caught the attention of students and staff alike at SCHS, and it shows no signs of losing its hype. The objective of the game is to guess a random five-letter word in six guesses or less. Every...

Despite current world events, this single is sure to bring a sense of light through its lyricism.

REVIEW: Chloe Moriondo’s single ‘Sammy’ brings light to listeners today

Amos Press March 12, 2022

Indie pop artist Chloe Moriondo released yet another adorable and warm melody. On March 7, 2022, Moriondo released “Sammy,” a loving ballad about her dog Sammy. Moriondo typically releases two genres...

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