The Roar

Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT aids in composing writing material as well as any other aspects a user provides it with. 

SCHS community reflects on the rise of AI tool ChatGPT

Aisha Shafik February 27, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is the creation of machines that perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, and it is being developed rapidly, frequently releasing new innovations. One that is attracting...

Senior Jamal Howard impersonates Black artist Tyler, the Creator to perform his hit song EARFQUAKE.

One reporter shares her experience watching SCHS’s annual BSU presentation

Rhea Gosain February 18, 2023

On Monday, Feb. 13, I walked into a buzzing, music-filled theater alongside numerous students. The Black Student Union was showcasing a Black History Month Presentation. I was unsure what to expect, other...

One reporter attends the first in-person Night of Acoustics since the COVID-19 pandemic

Rhea Gosain January 18, 2023

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, I returned to school in the evening to watch the Night of the Acoustics. It was cold and rainy when I arrived on campus that night. I made my way into the cafeteria, as parents...

Jonathan Wilson adapts to his new position as a teacher-librarian in the SCHS library.

Alongside teaching, social science teacher Jonathan Wilson becomes a teacher-librarian at SCHS

Khadeejah Khan December 15, 2022

As the 2022-2023 school year started, social science Jonathan Wilson took up the part time teacher-librarian role at the SCHS library, alongside teaching AP European History.  Having taught numerous...

The 2022-2023 Special Olympics event was held at Wilcox High School.

The Special Olympics returns to in-person since the COVID-19 pandemic

Aisha Shafik November 23, 2022

On Nov. 16, SCHS, Wilcox High School and MacDonald High School brought together their students for the Special Olympics, an event held for special education students to compete in different sports. The...

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