The Roar

Manifestation is a modernized version of tarot cards and astrology, allowing individuals to shift their mindset towards the goals they want to achieve.

OPINION: Manifestation is the starting point for success

Areha Shah May 30, 2024

While scrolling through social media, one might encounter videos on positive mindsets and manifestation. Along the lines of tarot cards and astrology, manifestation is a concept in which one can bring...

Fans show their resistance towards the Oakland As moving through protests.

OPINION: Stay in Oakland

Mia Rahbar May 24, 2024

The Athletics, a Major League Baseball team, have been rooted in Oakland since 1968. Their time in the Bay, however, is coming to an end. They are moving to Sacramento due to their owner and city council...

Journalism faces increasing threats worldwide and poses a threat to democracy with new challenges arising for press freedom and media pluralism.

OP-ED: The looming death of free press

May 10, 2024

On March 20, 2024, Haitian journalist Lucien Jura was kidnapped from his home in Pétion-Ville. The kidnapping occurred during a week that can only be described as anarchy: gangs in Haiti sought to consolidate...

Because of the way AI is trained, it tends to be biased, however, with the implementation of movements such as AI for Good, humans are working towards making it more just.

OPINION: AI is biased

Aisha Shafik May 3, 2024

How do systems like ChatGPT, Snapchat, AI and others receive information? The data these systems rely on often have bias in the political and technological world. Due to biased information, voices of those...

Despite the appeal of becoming a content creator on social media, it is hard to maintain as a career.

OPINION: Being a content creator on social media is not sustainable

Joshua Cedro April 29, 2024

As social media continues to grow, the amount of people who want to pursue a career as a content creator has increased. Becoming a content creator on social media platforms is easier than ever before....

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