The Roar

Voting for candidates based on their potential contributions is more important than their popularity.

OPINION: Leadership elections are swayed by popularity

Karleigh Osenbaugh May 18, 2021

The class council election results for the 2021-2022 school year were announced May 17 on the SCHS website. This year, all campaigning was digital. Most candidates utilized social media to promote their...

Instead of uplifting autistic voices, these organizations create misconceptions about autism.

OPINION: Organizations like NEXT for AUTISM harm autistic people

Rickie Thayer May 9, 2021

On April 30, celebrity’s Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Rober hosted a fundraiser called “Color the Spectrum” for the non-profit organization NEXT for AUTISM. Nonprofit does not mean altruistic, and NEXT...

The leaders of the movement are known for being involved with right-wing conspiracy theorist groups.

OPINION: Californians must not be deceived by the RecallGavin movement

Elias Panou May 1, 2021

In the previous and current months there has been a growing campaign among California Republicans to recall California governor, Gavin Newsom, dubbing themselves the “RecallGavin” movement. The movement...

Survivors are ultimately harmed due to rape jokes and victim blaming.

OPINION: Rape jokes encourage misogyny and must be put to an end

Karleigh Osenbaugh April 26, 2021

Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Assault  Jokes and other forms of humor and light-heartedness may seem necessary at times when heavy and serious topics like sexual assault are being discussed. Despite...

Constructive criticism is often necessary and should not be seen as ultimately hateful.

OPINION: People can criticize something without causing harm

Stefan Pantic April 12, 2021

Many are quick to assume that any negative opinion about a piece of media translates to a complete dislike of the work; however, that is not always the case. Not all criticism is intentionally malevolent....

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