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Due to the increased pressure in modern education, more and more students are found cheating.

OPINION: Students are being encouraged to cheat in modern education

Sonia Mankame February 18, 2024

He knew he was in trouble when he stepped into history class one fateful Friday. The chattering voices around him seemed to fade off into the background as his eyes zeroed onto the white board. The words,...

Biased perspective of history that is taught in school gives students a one sided view of past events.

OPINION: The truth behind the past

Aisha Shafik January 31, 2024

History and learning about the past plays a significant role throughout society. Many aspects of history are relevant in current decision-making, whether politically, economically or socially. History...

Because of the cultures depicted on stage, “The Nutcracker” has many controversies surrounding it.

OPINION: The cultural appropriation rooted in the Nutcracker Ballet calls for reinvention

Natalie Smith December 17, 2023

Ever since 1892 when Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote “The Nutcracker” ballet, holiday traditions have been completely transformed. For over a century, audiences have become captivated...

Through social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, young girls are being influenced through beauty standards and the negative comments connected to aging.

OPINION: Double standards in aging for women

Jackie Duran December 14, 2023

#antiagingskincare tag on TikTok has 78.0M views, #antiaginghack has 12.4M views and #anti_aging has 7.5M views. When a platform as big as TikTok, used by two-thirds of teens according to the Pew Research...

Although sometimes recognized as a crime, graffiti provides insight into the feelings and the history of the Bay Area.

OPINION: Expression of Bay Area struggles through graffiti

Sonia Mankame December 14, 2023

Graffiti, considered art by some and criminal by others. Despite either opinion, it encompasses a major part of Bay Area history and remains important to preserve. Graffiti’s popularity in the Bay...

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