The Roar

The lack of bike lanes and safety measures for commuters increases the risks of injury.

OPINION: The lack of bike lanes in Santa Clara is putting bikers at risk

Amos Press May 3, 2022

It is a sunny September afternoon and a student hops on their bike to start their journey home. Without a designated bike lane in place, the student has no choice but to ride close to the sidewalk near...

Such misconceptions depict introverts as a monolith which is harmful for many.

OPINION: People should abandon creating misconceptions about introverts

Joshua Cedro March 24, 2022

There is a party happening. Everybody is having fun, but someone is in the corner of the room alone. Their body language shows that they clearly are not comfortable and they do not want to be at the party....

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs can potentially bring negative impacts on to society and the environment.

OPINION: The concepts of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are fundamentally flawed

Theodore Nguyen February 19, 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, cryptocurrencies have become widely popularized as a financial and investment tool. The concept is not relatively new as the idea was first formulated in 2008 by anonymous...

Numerous restaurant workers undergo verbal abuse and name calling which is damaging to their mental health.

OPINION: The customer is not always right

Mylinh Duong February 2, 2022

Peering past the glass exterior in broad daylight, a person tapes a sign up against a restaurant window. “Now Hiring” and “Help Wanted” are messages haunting numerous eateries. Amid the COVID-19...

Playing music at high volumes during lunch can often times be distracting.

OPINION: Changes should be made to music in the quad during lunch

Nathaniel Hekster January 28, 2022

The lunch bell rings. A student walks out of their class and makes their way to the quad. As they approach the cafeteria, they hear it: loud music blaring from two large, black speakers. When they enter...

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