The Roar

OPINION: The ‘murder hornets’ that have swept the world are a distraction from more urgent news

News of these hornets arrived in early May.

Dalila Prudente Barajas

June 6, 2020

News of the Asian giant hornet has surfaced ever since their unexpected migration to North America. The useless “buzz” that has come from their arrival has blindsided Americans from the serious news that doesn’t concern these hornets and less aware of the pertinent matters happening around them. For...

OPINION: Coronavirus has vastly changed the college decision and admission process

Students now have many more factors to consider when deciding what the next chapter of their life will look like.

Dalila Prudente Barajas

May 29, 2020

As a result of the global coronavirus pandemic and extreme economic uncertainty, many higher education facilities have extended the National College Decision deadline to June 1 from the original date of May 1. More than ever, this time has proven to be very stressful for both colleges and high school...

OPINION: The positives of working from home

One benefit of working at home is the ability to use the comforts of one’s house during the work day.

Neil Veira

May 19, 2020

Currently, due to the coronavirus, many people are stuck at home, following the shelter-in-place orders across much of the country. This has caused people to have a hard time continuing their job, education, or even chores like buying food or toilet paper. During the shelter-in-place, it is important...

PRO: Pros and cons of the new credit/ no credit system

Olive Howden

April 23, 2020

The Santa Clara Unified School District has decided to adopt a credit/no credit grading system for grades six-12 for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This decision, announced in Superintendent Stella Kemp’s weekly update on April 18, is not entirely a surprise. Many high school and university...

CON: Pros and cons of the new credit/ no credit system

Dalila Prudente Barajas

April 23, 2020

Outside of the campus closure, SCHS will see changes in the grading system for the rest of the semester, switching from letter grades to credit/no credit. It is inevitable that this new way of grading will have a negative effect on some students’ effort in the virtual classroom and academic habits. By...

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