The Roar

OPINION: The ‘murder hornets’ that have swept the world are a distraction from more urgent news

News of these hornets arrived in early May.

Dalila Prudente Barajas

June 6, 2020

News of the Asian giant hornet has surfaced ever since their unexpected migration to North America. The useless “buzz” that has come from their arrival has blindsided Americans from the serious news that doesn’t concern these hornets and less aware of the pertinent matters happening around them. For...

Masks to Share: SCHS Bears to Share club aims to make 500 masks to donate to essential workers

The Bears to Share club has been advertising their project via social media.

Lhana Philavong

June 5, 2020

Amid the ongoing pandemic, most people are staying at home while essential workers do their best to keep grocery stores and hospitals running. One SCHS club, Bears to Share, has begun a local project to help those who are in need of masks. Bears to Share normally makes stuffed bears to donate to children’s...

How culinary classes coped with coronavirus

The SCHS culinary class completed culinary and Career and Technical Education projects to finish out the semester.

Esha Nag

June 4, 2020

During the COVID-19 campus closure, SCHS students and teachers found new ways to learn and teach. Culinary Arts teacher Kathy Hopp came up with a way to let students cook virtually. According to Hopp, her students completed culinary and Career and Technical Education projects that do not involve cooking. “With...

SPOTLIGHT: How students stay busy at home

Many SCHS students have adopted new hobbies during the shelter-in-place.

Neil Veira and Lhana Philavong

June 3, 2020

As the current coronavirus pandemic forces many people to stay inside due to the shelter-in-place order, some have taken up new and old hobbies to pass the time. Many people have been spending more time cooking and baking, although a shortage of flour and other supplies has made it difficult. For...

OPINION: The College Board lawsuit is a hopeful step towards change

Many students have complained about difficulties regarding the College Board’s AP exam submission process.

Dalila Prudente Barajas

June 1, 2020

News broke on Wednesday, March 20, that the College Board will be facing a $500 million lawsuit from FairTest on behalf of angry parents and students due to submission complications during the online Advanced Placement exams. While bewildering, this lawsuit was inevitable and has addressed some concerns...

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