The Roar

Playing music at high volumes during lunch can often times be distracting.

OPINION: Changes should be made to music in the quad during lunch

Nathaniel Hekster January 28, 2022

The lunch bell rings. A student walks out of their class and makes their way to the quad. As they approach the cafeteria, they hear it: loud music blaring from two large, black speakers. When they enter...

People should ditch the phrase New year, new me and instead embrace themselves in order to grow.

New Year’s resolutions do not need to fail, according to one reporter

Soojin Spencer January 27, 2022

4,000 years ago, in mid-March, the Babylonians held the first celebration of New Year’s. Presently, the celebration of New Year’s lives on. Thousands travel across the world to see the cascading buildings...

Freeman looks forward to the spring semester at SCHS to implement fresh ideas.

SCHS welcomes new Vice Principal Sharon Freeman and her passion for inclusion

Mylinh Duong January 26, 2022

Arriving at the start of the 2021-2022 school year’s second semester, SCHS welcomed new Vice Principal of Activities, Facilities and Communication Sharon Freeman. Carrying over 19 years of experience...

The albums lyricism evokes a hopeful feeling, bringing optimism to the start of 2022.

REVIEW: The Lumineers’ ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ offers feelings of optimism and hope

Sarah Olson January 19, 2022

On Jan. 14, 2022, the folk-rock band called The Lumineers released their fourth studio album, “BRIGHTSIDE.” As referenced by its title, the album has an uplifting sound that promotes a hopeful start...

Shows from other countries and cultures like squid Game have helped students feel a sense of belonging.

Students find value in proper film representation beyond stereotypes

Rebecca LaBarge January 14, 2022

In recent years, the popularity of shows and movies from places around the world, such as anime and K-dramas, has been at an all time high. According to CNET, since its release, people have watched more...

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