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OPINION: The US is abandoning its responsibility to the future of the planet by leaving the Paris Agreement

Olivia Jones

November 8, 2019

In the latest development of the ongoing climate crisis, the Trump administration has formally announced that the United States will be leaving the Paris Agreement on climate change. Trump’s announcement, made Nov. 4, will take a year to go into effect, meaning that the official date of departure ...

OPINION: President Trump’s impeachment inquiry is necessary and non-negotiable

Vincent Nguyen

October 23, 2019

On Sept. 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s presidency as a result of his hidden, private communications with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky. A day later, the phone call’s official transcript was released to the public. “I would...

OPINION: The consumption of fiction can be psychologically and emotionally beneficial

Samantha Alde

June 6, 2019

In the face of economic calamity during WWII and the Great Depression, there was an increase in fictional works and concepts in the U.S., such as the creation of superheroes, in order to raise society’s morale. Scenarios in books and movies allow one to escape momentarily from the stresses of life. Bein...

OPINION: The jump between freshman and sophmore year is too intense

Annie Liu

June 5, 2019

As the school year ends, many sophomores may be reflecting upon their past two years of high school. One of the most significant differences between ninth and tenth grade is the increase in workload and stress. The gap between the rigor in the first two years of high school is so wide that many s...

OPINION: Teachers shoud be more lenient with bathroom passes to protect students’ health

Emily Harvie

May 31, 2019

The moment the bell rings, students are given exactly six minutes to pack up, gather their things and make it to their next class. During this passing period, they are also expected to take care of anything else they need, like go to their locker, get water or use the bathroom. With nearly 2,000...

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