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AP Environmental Science is one of the many AP courses not offered at SCHS.

OPINION: SCHS lacks a diverse selection of AP classes

Soojin Spencer October 27, 2021

Santa Clara City Council member Sudhanshu Jain has pushed to establish an AP Environmental Science class at SCHS. For years, the district has pushed back with strict opposition. “The administration...

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SENIOR SECTION: 2020-2021 Graduation Map

Olive Howden June 4, 2021

The Roar surveyed the SCHS class of 2021 about their post-graduation plans. Due to COVID-19 and distance learning, we were unable to reach every student, however those who did choose to be featured are...

SENIOR SECTION: Some seniors plan to attend community college

SENIOR SECTION: Some seniors plan to attend community college

Stefan Pantic May 28, 2021

For many students, post-high school plans can be summed up with one word: college. Yet for others, four-year universities can be expensive, out of reach, or simply not the right path. Sometimes, enrolling...

Roar: The Podcast | The Psychology of Memes

Roar: The Podcast | Episode 9: Committing to college during COVID-19

Welcome back to Roar: The Podcast! In this episode, seniors Olive Howden, Zianna Razon, and Melina Kritikopoulos discuss how COVID has impacted their college process, having navigated applications and...

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