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OPINION: Misogyny always thrives in modern comedy

OPINION: Misogyny always thrives in modern comedy

Sonia Mankame April 22, 2024

Women are not funny. This ideology was made popular during the pioneering days of comedy in mid 20th century America. Men were once the comedians, audience and receptors of jokes, many of which mocked...

FOCUS: Student Voices: What is your relationship with the color pink

Ellen Vu February 22, 2024

“Being a girl, I liked Barbies too, so I associated pink with Barbies and princesses, so that's how I liked it. Pink is just universally seen as a symbol of love and kindness.” - Amanecci Porter, senior   “It...

Stereotypes towards feminism have grown since the increase of it in films.

Feminism in film

Jackie Duran January 22, 2024

For decades, movies like “Mean Girls” and “Barbie” have been trying to capture the reality of being a woman while showing feminism in a positive light. Unfortunately, many times feminism as a whole...

Women use hate and emotions to compete against each other in the work world and in life.

OPINION: Girls should support girls

Jackie Duran October 12, 2023

A girl opens her phone after a stressful day, hoping to take a break from the negativity at school, but instead she finds countless tweets, TikToks and Instagram stories about Hailey Bieber vs. Selena...

One organization the donations were distributed to was the South Valley FISH Food Pantry.

Girls Empowerment Project and PERIOD Club host menstrual product drive to combat period poverty

Amelia Howell March 21, 2021

After two weeks of publicizing and accepting donations, SCHS’s Girls Empowerment Project and PERIOD clubs collected a total of over 3,000 menstrual products. Period Drive, the school-wide community service...

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