The Roar

Freshman Meena Swaminathan and friends participate in spirit days. (Courtesy of Meena Swaminathan)

CAMPUS: Friendships shape the ‘high school experience’

Nishita Viswajith May 24, 2024

Whether they are everyday routines like hanging out during lunch, or participating in special events such as Homecoming and BOTC, friend groups seem to be an active part of the SCHS campus. The classes,...

While popularity may seem exciting to many, it ends up causing a loss of quality friendships and weakens ones self-identity.

OPINION: Being popular should not be popular

Mia Rahbar April 24, 2024

Teenage movies have shown popular teenagers to be pretty, constantly in a relationship and maintaining a good status in their academic and public life. The non-popular characters in these movies are always...

For many students, off-campus relationships are a rewarding experience, despite the struggle to maintain them.

Students discuss their hardships with maintaining off-campus friendships

Eduardo Ramos April 13, 2024

Sharing classes and sharing a campus often calls for intimacy within friends. Being able to see each other everyday at school and after seems to keep friendships nourished. Students on campus who cannot...

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