The Roar

Local businesses are being stifled by new housing developments.

OPINION: Under the shadow of urban redevelopment, small businesses are left behind

Theodore Nguyen May 24, 2024

Construction keeps the world turning, a city growing, a country developing. If a region must flourish, it must build for the private and public benefit. Amid ongoing development in the Bay Area, however,...

Many teenagers struggle with social media influences that encourage drug and cigarette usage.

OPINION: Beyond the screen

Hannah Lane May 24, 2024

Many teenagers have had the experience of walking into their school bathroom, only to be met with the smell of smoke or the sight of their peers vaping. Such encounters have become increasingly common...

Corporations tend to build shoddier products out of greed.

OPINION: Consumers Beware

Theodore Nguyen April 22, 2024

As technology evolves at a rapidly-increasing pace, a familiar phrase is often echoed each time a new product hits the market: “They don’t make them like they used to.” This sentiment, often repeated...

OPINION: Misogyny always thrives in modern comedy

OPINION: Misogyny always thrives in modern comedy

Sonia Mankame April 22, 2024

Women are not funny. This ideology was made popular during the pioneering days of comedy in mid 20th century America. Men were once the comedians, audience and receptors of jokes, many of which mocked...

OPINION: Designer babies are eugenics

OPINION: Designer babies are eugenics

Nicholas Iriberri and Hannah Lane April 22, 2024

The desire to improve and to better oneself is ingrained in the human mind. Whether achieving a physical feat or standing above the rest in mental prowess, many have tried to improve themselves in the...

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