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The role of religion in current American politics has a negative effect

OPINION: Religion corrupts current American politics

Sonia Mankame November 18, 2023

America is commonly dubbed as the land of the free, built on the notions of liberty and justice for all. Democracy and inclusivity have shaped both the American government and its core values. In spite...

The lionization of politicians has become more normalized in recent years, yet the practice has lead to dangerous effects.

OPINION: Idolizing politicians distracts people from real political issues

Khadeejah Khan October 29, 2021

Throughout the years, politicians and elected officials have found more ways to connect with their people through social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram in efforts to gain more voter support....

The leaders of the movement are known for being involved with right-wing conspiracy theorist groups.

OPINION: Californians must not be deceived by the RecallGavin movement

Elias Panou May 1, 2021

In the previous and current months there has been a growing campaign among California Republicans to recall California governor, Gavin Newsom, dubbing themselves the “RecallGavin” movement. The movement...

Many social media influencers have broken COVID-19 guidelines by traveling unsafely or hosting parties and crowded gatherings.

A&E: Celebrities’ and influencers’ hypocrisy with COVID-19 regulations upsets many students

Sarah Olson February 19, 2021

Some celebrities evidently do not have qualms about breaking coronavirus regulations. As part of the effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many students have been social distancing for the last...

OPINION: The problem with blind political affiliation

Soojin Spencer February 19, 2021

Just two months into the new year, 2021 is already politically distinguished and arguably historic. Following Joe Biden’s inauguration and the recent Capitol Hill riots, many have turned to social...

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