The Roar

While popularity may seem exciting to many, it ends up causing a loss of quality friendships and weakens ones self-identity.

OPINION: Being popular should not be popular

Mia Rahbar April 24, 2024

Teenage movies have shown popular teenagers to be pretty, constantly in a relationship and maintaining a good status in their academic and public life. The non-popular characters in these movies are always...

Women use hate and emotions to compete against each other in the work world and in life.

OPINION: Girls should support girls

Jackie Duran October 12, 2023

A girl opens her phone after a stressful day, hoping to take a break from the negativity at school, but instead she finds countless tweets, TikToks and Instagram stories about Hailey Bieber vs. Selena...

Students steer towards Doordash instead of lunch from school for a greater variety and larger portion sizes.

The increase in popularity of Doordash at SCHS brings a greater variety of food

Rhea Gosain September 6, 2023

While most students race to the cafeteria to grab lunch, many go in the opposite direction toward the office. Once inside, students spot their Doordash orders sitting on a designated table. They pick up...

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