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New SCHS Special Education teacher Melissa Miguel-Felipe enjoys leaving her comfort zone

Miguel-Felipe saw distance learning as an opportunity to learn more about using technology to educate.

Franchesca Casis

October 24, 2020

Melissa Miguel-Felipe is one of the many new teachers at SCHS this school year. As a special education teacher, Miguel-Felipe said she wants to see her students with special needs to succeed. “I find success in teaching students with special needs,” Miguel-Felipe said. “It feels good when I...

New SCHS math teacher Susana Hernandez has a passion for guiding students through mathematics

Hernandez originally thought she would pursue biology before realizing her passion for math.

Jennifer Baker

October 21, 2020

New SCHS math teacher Susana Hernandez has always enjoyed helping people understand math-related topics. Her passion for teaching and helping her peers led her previous educators to suggest that she become a teacher. Hernandez had difficulty choosing a career as a young adult in high school. Even...

New SCHS Special Education teacher Jeffrey Katz is ready to tackle the barriers of distance learning

Katz has taught in Mexico, San Mateo, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif. He hopes to keep his students engaged this year.

Federico Martinelli

October 15, 2020

Special education teacher Jeffrey Katz is one of the new faculty members joining the Bruin community. Growing up in New York and New Jersey, Katz struggled in middle school until eighth grade, when he had two teachers who made a particular impact on him: Mr. Destefano and Mr. LaGreca. “They sort...

SCHS welcomes new ASL teacher Aimee Hurtado and her sense of adventure

Teaching has provided a unique experience amidst Hurtado's adventurous lifestyle.

Nathaniel Hekster

October 14, 2020

New SCHS ASL teacher Aimee Hurtado was working as a sign language interpreter when she found herself in a room with a patient with schizophrenia who threatened to stab her with a fork. She remained with the patient after the attending nurse left the room when the patient began to get violent. “Out...

SCHS English teacher Cory Morbo begins to teach P.E. alongside English

Cory Morbo hopes to switch fully to P.E. in the near future, but enjoys teaching both English and P.E.

Olivia Stafford

October 12, 2020

During distance learning last school year, English teacher Cory Morbo was scheduled to teach physical education at SCHS along with her English classes this year. After teaching English for six years, Morbo wanted to switch things up and try something new. “I still love to read – I love English...

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