The Roar

Many students appreciate video chat platforms for their communication needs

Zoom, FaceTime and Discord are popular apps among the SCHS student body.

Samantha Alde

May 30, 2020

As senior Noel Ira logs onto the chatting app Discord, he finds himself conversing with his friends like he would in real-life before the shelter-in-place order. Skeptical at first about only having the internet as a way to catch up with others, Ira has learned to cope with the growing reality that he...

Drama department hosts a virtual ‘Day of the Arts’ to bring joy to the SCHS community

The video was released on Thursday, May 21.

Neil Veira

May 26, 2020

Every year, SCHS Drama Club hosts Day of the Arts in the small gym, showcasing physical art and performances assembled by the Drama department. However, due to the current pandemic, the Drama Club decided to create a video, released Thursday, May 21, that included both the practical and performing arts’...

Roar: The Podcast | Episode 5: AP exams in 2020

Roar: The Podcast | Episode 5

Isaac Craig

May 22, 2020

Introducing Roar: The Podcast! To listen to this episode on Soundcloud, visit: Speakers: Isaac Craig, senior Joshua Oliveira, senior Stefan Laborde, senior Denise Le, junior Edited by: Melina Kritikopoulos ...

Students create YouTutor, a site for free virtual tutoring

YouTutor currently has 41 tutors and 30 students, serving both national and out-of-country students.

Emily Harvie

May 20, 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, all schools in California and many other states have closed their facilities. Due to the shelter in place order, many students will not learn the full curriculum or have lost access to extra help with their schoolwork. Sophomores Rishab Gupta and Ethan Buriel,...

Churches have been meeting virtually during the pandemic

Many SCHS students are practicing their faith virtually.

Chariah Williams

May 13, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person social gatherings are no longer feasible since people are supposed to stay home. However, due to many virtual platforms, public churches and an SCHS Christian club have kept in contact. Ignite Christian Club is a club at SCHS with the purpose of spreading the...

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