Special Education teacher Wendy Franco likes her coffee black

Wendy Franco works in the Special Education Department.

Q: What school did you transfer from?
A: I taught at Monta Vista High School. It’s in Cupertino.

Q: Where do you teach here?
A: The Special Education department.

Q: Did you grow up around Santa Clara?
A: No, I moved from Los Angeles… and went to San Jose State.

Q: What were you like in high school?
A: I was very athletic… I have three older brothers and they were athletic as well… I also played softball in high school.

Q: Are you still athletic now?
A: I like to think so. I love working out. I try to stay as healthy as possible.

Q: Do you have a certain diet plan?
A: I’m actually a vegetarian… I haven’t eaten meat in almost nine years… but I eat dairy.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
A: Almond milk is great! Vanilla almond milk and chocolate soy milk are both delicious. Other than that, coffee or going to the gym.

Q: How do you like your coffee?
A: As black as it can get.

Q: Favorite genre of movies?
A: Definitely horror. The scarier the better.

Q: Do you have a favorite scary movie?
A: I like “The Collector.” It’s a recent movie.

Q: Tell me about a memorable teaching experience.
A: I taught one student her freshman year… Throughout her high school years, I watched her grow up and she gained the skills to socialize and communicate with other people. She ended up getting a prom date. And she always came back to visit. It was really heartwarming to see her transform into an adult.