CAMPUS: How has your sport adapted practices to uphold COVID-19 regulations?

“Only 12 players are around each other each time. And we only work on Monday to Thursday and have the last week of every month off. We do this because we can only spend a certain amount of hours together due to COVID.”
-Jakob Morales, freshman, football

Courtesy of Jakob Morales


“We would have to wear masks the whole time until practice actually started. Everyone was spread out and we couldn’t touch each other or do stunts.”
-Ashley Ta, sophomore, cheerleading

Courtesy of Ashley Ta


“We are required to wear masks to and from the courts and wear gloves to pick up balls.”
-Maria Reiblein, junior, tennis

Courtesy of Maria Reiblein


“Our practices have been limited by us staying 6 feet apart while working out and doing drills. We have to check in and check out for every practice and have to wear a mask going on the field and going off.”
-Vincent Fiorillo, senior, football

Courtesy of Vincent Fiorillo