DISTANCE LEARNING: Virtual expression

With the switch to distance learning for the 2020-2021 school year, many before school routines have changed. While many students roll out of bed minutes before their first online class, others have kept morning routines similar to the ones they had before school went remote in order to stay productive.

Junior Stephanie Viramontes has kept up with a consistent morning routine during distance learning.

“I wake up at around 7:50, get out of bed at like 8:00, then I do my morning routine, so brush my teeth and wash my face. After that is when I do my skincare like moisturize, apply eye cream, sunscreen, all that,” Viramontes said. “And then if I’m in the mood or have woken up extra early, I’ll just put some makeup on for fun.”

Although Viramontes likes to stay comfortable in her pajamas for online school, she continues a morning regimen to help her get ready for the day.

“I’m a pretty lazy person, but getting ready every morning kind of changes that and puts me in a more productive mood,” Viramontes said.

Viramontes finds that in addition to boosting her productivity, maintaining her routine keeps her awake during class.

“If I just get out of bed without doing any type of routine or something and go straight to my classes, I know I’ll be even lazier in my classes and would probably even fall asleep in first period,” Viramontes said. “Washing my face, especially, wakes me up and doesn’t make me feel as tired anymore.”

Similarly, sophomore Nathan Hamilton keeps up a five-minute morning routine every day that consists of brushing his teeth and washing his face. Although short, Hamilton feels that his routine provides him with a sense of preparedness for the upcoming school day.

“I sometimes wake up with only a minute until class, which gives me no time to do anything. It makes me feel unprepared during class, and it affects my ability to stay focused,” Hamilton said.

Not only does sophomore Jada Roper maintain her skincare and makeup routine, she gets dressed up as well. For her, clothing is a fun way to express her mood and show off her personality.

“Fashion is a big part of the way I’ve always expressed myself and having nowhere to go shouldn’t stop that… getting dressed helps me wake up and feel ready to be productive during the day,” Roper said

Roper noticed that keeping up with a routine and putting on an outfit she feels good in has a positive impact on her productivity.

“On the days I don’t get ready and wear something like a sweatshirt, I’m usually more tired and slow and definitely less attentive, so I don’t get much done,” Roper said.

Roper would recommend that others establish a morning regimen in order to get out of relaxation mode and put themselves in the mindset to work.

“Without the routine of getting ready, it feels like you’re just getting up and rolling out of bed, which doesn’t feel like a transition,” Roper said. “There’s more of a separation when you have to prep for school and really get in the headspace where you’re starting the day.”