Live Action

Emily Harvie

“Titanic,” “Grease,” and “The Avengers,” are just a few popular live-action movies that may be favorites for some. Live-action films and entertainment, popularized in the late 1930s, is a form of entertainment that many enjoy.

Junior Tamanna Mishra enjoyed watching animated movies when she was younger, but now prefers live action.

“I think right now especially, I like seeing movies with real life people in them because the current situation doesn’t allow us to go out and socialize with others,” Mishra said. “I guess seeing other people on screen helps it feel more interactive.” 

Mishra likes live-action content because she finds that actors can do a better job of expressing emotions. Unlike animated movies, she can visually see the actors’ expressions rather than just hear their voices.

“There are times when an animated character might do something that will make me laugh, but seeing a real person laugh does a better job of evoking emotion,” Mishra said. “I like to watch romantic or comedy movies, so I feel live action suits me better for that reason. When I see another person cry or get angry, it creates more of a genuine feeling.” 

Like Mishra, senior Caeshia Suwitra prefers live action because of the real, raw emotions that can be displayed by watching actors and actresses. She also thinks live action along with CGI and visual effects better immerse audiences in the story.

“I’m really into visual effects, and though these effects can be used in both animated and live-action movies, the visual effects done in live actions bring you to another world,” Suwitra said.

Freshman Kyle Campbell also prefers live-action movies and TV shows because he appreciates being able to watch his favorite actors on screen.

“I find it easier to watch because it is more realistic. I like it more than animation because you get to watch your favorite actors unlike animation where you can only hear their voice.” Campbell said.

While Campbell prefers live action, he acknowledges the characteristics of animation that live action cannot provide, such as telling a story from a different perspective or using effects that could not be achieved with live action.

“For example, ‘Finding Nemo’ or ‘Toy Story,’ movies like these would not work in live action as they would be sloppy or a bit creepy,” Campbell said.

Freshman Gabriel Hendel-De La O favors live action because he believes there is no substitute for live acting and emotion.

“I like it more than animation because of the acting,” Hendel-De La O said. “Animation will not be able to match up to real acting.”

Overall, the visibility and expressions of real life actors is what leads students to favor live action entertainment over animation.

“I think emotions come through easier with live action because emotion is much more visible,” Hendel-De La O said. “That’s not to say that animations like ‘Up’ or ‘Inside Out’ can’t do the same thing, but it is just easier with live action.”