OPINION: ‘Devious Licks’: Tiktok trends have started to do a lot more harm than good for students

In September, a TikTok trend known as the “Devious Licks” fad circulated around schools. The trend involves stealing and vandalizing school property and labeling these hostile acts as “committing a devious lick.” These trends negatively affect school life for everyone and must come to a stop.

The “Devious Licks” trend has led to parents disgruntled with how the school is dealing with the situation, leading to changes in the school’s personnel. School staff members are hard-working, good people doing their best for their schools, not knowing what to do in a situation spurred by the online world, a place that can often be far from their grasp. This is something that negatively affects everyone, and students and parents need to take responsibility.

Custodians now must invest more time and effort into reversing students’ destructive acts. Those who keep the school clean are arguably some of the most important parts of the way a school functions, and “Devious Licks” hinder their work. It is also harder for students to focus with vandalism everywhere. Bathrooms become less accessible and school overall is a much less safe place. Further, it is in a student’s best interest to stray away from being associated with harmful trends for the sake of their own future.

An article written by Brianna Provenzano states that “police across the U.S. have begun arresting and charging students accused of participating in the associated acts of vandalism and theft.” This is worrying as arrests are labeled on a students’ permanent records. They will be disciplined and not be able to do well in school, and being arrested as a teen can cause major repercussions later on in their lives.

Trends started by an irrational desire for likes and views on social media platforms have grown to new and dangerous heights. Influencers must rally to cancel out negativity or “dark humor” with positive and kind content on the internet.