SPORTS: Physical education department uses grant to purchase new equipment for weight room


During the summer before the 2021-2022 school year, a grant was given to the SCHS physical education department to renovate the weight room.

P.E. teacher Brittney Codera was one of the main staff members who worked on the room along with other P.E. teachers Brett Hall and Burt Codera.

“We really wanted to support the sports at Santa Clara, and we’ve seen the need for weight room improvement,” Codera said. “We were lucky enough to have a grant. Then we just decided to make it extremely epic and the best we can.”

When planning for the renovation, the P.E. teachers’ main vision was to make the weight room spacious and allow it to be used by as many students as possible.

“We were like, ‘How can we make it as clean and get the most use out of it so the most kids can use it?’” Codera said. “We wanted the bulky equipment out and since we have such big classes, we wanted to utilize as much floor space as possible.”

Senior Riley Hohenbrink has used the weight room to prepare and stay in shape for the track and field season. Regarding the renovation, Hohenbrink believes the room is much better suited for lifting weights.

“I think it’s better for more people to lift in, not necessarily more spacious,” Hohenbrink said. “But overall, it’s better for lifting, not really a ton of room for body weight or ab work.”

Most of the money from the grant was used to purchase new equipment.

“The flooring is the same, but it looks prettier. We have brand new sandbags, barbells, new weight racks, weight trees,” Codera said. “We also have brand new jump ropes, all kinds of bands. We have pull up bars, which we are super excited to bring a pull to the weight room. We also have dumbbells and kettlebells on their way.”

According to senior Michael Rios, although he has not had the chance to use the new equipment, he is excited to workout once the weight room is completed and opened to all athletes.

“I think if there’s one thing I’m looking forward to is our new racks. Our old ones were just worn out and rusty, and the new ones give the place a whole new look.” Rios said.

At the moment, the weight room is not fully complete. According to Codera, they are still waiting to pave the outside of the room in order to move the two rigs that are inside outside the room, allowing for even more space.

Although the weight room is not complete in its renovation, it is currently open to the athletic P.E. classes and athletes who are interested in using it. Codera explained the room is also open to other P.E. classes if teachers want to take them there.

“Right now, Mr. Codera, Mr. Garcia and I are utilizing it,” Codera said. “We are even starting a little two-week unit intro with the freshman. And then when I get my life together – I used to do a lunchtime, sort of unofficial club, like a lifting club – so I am trying to organize that, so I can make it happen.”

Sophomore Jacklyn Ruiz, has enjoyed using the new equipment in her P.E. class.

“I really like working out in there,” Ruiz said. “I think bench presses would have to be my favorite.”

Senior Carlos Rojina, like other students, is grateful the school is able to provide the SCHS community with quality workout equipment and space to utilize it.

“I appreciate that they took time and put in effort to make sure we have good equipment to help the athletes and anyone with the ability to use it,” Rojina said.