A&E: Retro bowl

“Retro Bowl” had taken students at SCHS by storm, but now the game has turned into an afterthought. “Retro Bowl” is a football mobile game styled in a retro theme that allows players to manage their roster, deal with egos off the field and call the shots on the field.

Senior Dougie Whyte first picked up the game two months ago because of his love for football and the similarities it shares with “Madden NFL.”

“What I like about it so much is that you can control your team,” Whyte said. “You can bring in new players, play the seasons and try to win it all, and then do it all over again.”

Like Whyte, freshman Logan Van Pelt started playing “Retro Bowl” because of his interest in football and has enjoyed the easy controls and mechanics of the game.

“The controls are very easy and easy to pick up, especially when compared to other mobile games,” Van Pelt said.

The “retro” style of the game separates it from other football video games and differentiates it from most of the modern applications that are more common in the 21st century.

“I enjoyed the style of the game because it is a smart concept, but it depends on if you appreciate old arcade games or not,” Van Pelt said.

The simple passing and rushing mechanics allow anybody to play and enjoy the game, according to Whyte, which led to its popularity.

“I think it could be enjoyed by anyone,” Whyte said. “Anyone who has interest in the sport, I think, will really appreciate all of the aspects. I don’t think you have to play football to enjoy it.”

Although “Retro Bowl” had a substantial following, a lot of its hype has died down because of its flaws.

“It is a game that does not have proper updates,” Van Pelt said. “It is really not a game that is meant to be played for a while.”

Being unable to play as the defense is Whyte’s least favorite component of the game and believes that players should have the option to play as the offense and defense.

Many students believe “Retro Bowl” is repetitive and quickly becomes boring after a short duration of play.

“I believe that I have played it for a couple of months, and it is time to move on to another game,” Van Pelt said. “It has set its course.”