A&E: From classrooms to comfort: students replace their backpacks

A backpack: everyone has had one. For students, backpacks are the typical form of storage used to carry belongings throughout the school day. Although there are a wide variety of students that branch out and carry bags, roller backpacks and tote bags, they can be used as a form of style, or even just personal preference. Many students have begun to embrace all types of bags for school life.

Different bags come with different storage styles. Freshman Agatha Vu explained her experience with her roller backpack.

“I found that it was lighter. I prefer using a roller backpack,” Vu said.

Senior Jerial Torio also prefers his shoulder bag to a backpack. He does not take many book-heavy courses, which is why he likes the lightweight feel of the bag. It has just enough space and provides easy access for Torio.

“I have it on my shoulder so I can put it in front of me and do whatever I need with it, and then I leave it down to my side. It’s just more convenient and more easy to access,” Torio said. “It does the same job. It holds all your stuff pretty well. It’s also a little bit more compact.”

Vu chose her bag due to the comfort of transportation. With a roller backpack, she has the advantage of a free back and easy transportation without the struggle of weight.

“I feel like that’s a part of having your backpack on wheels: you don’t get to feel the weight, which is nice and handy,” Vu said.

Freshman Samantha Blizzard, a backpack user, agrees with Vu about feeling weight on your shoulders.

“It puts a big strain on my back and occasionally, I’ll go home and then the next day I’ll find my shoulders are kind of sore,” Blizzard said.

Torio acknowledged the security advantage of using his bag instead of a backpack.

“You can see it at all times, and you would notice if someone would try to do something with it,” Torio said.

Freshman Alexis Pancione carts a shoulder bag to school due to her guitar. She finds it easier to carry because her bag lays on one shoulder.

“I used to have a backpack, but I bought this bag because I started a band. Carrying my guitar on my bag with also my backpack would also be really uncomfortable,” Pancione said. “But if I just carry this on my shoulder with my guitar, it would just be so much easier.”

Pancione loves styling with her bag, too.

“I got black because black can fit anything,” Pancione said. “There’s this really dark green cardigan I like wearing with it.”

Many students at SCHS have managed to express their style through their bags.

With many options to choose from, freshman Aaina Bhatia sticks with carrying a backpack.

“I prefer a backpack because there’s more room in it, and one can just keep everything organized,” Bhatia said. “They free up your hands and they are mostly water proof, so everything in it will stay dry.”

Due to the common use of backpacks, some students may feel pressured to use one or embarrassed using their unique carrying bag. For Pancione, however, this is not the case.

“I don’t really care what other people think. It’s just if I like it or not. If I like it I’ll wear it. If I don’t like it I won’t,” Pancione said. “But I don’t really mind peoples opinions on it ‘cause it’s my personal preference.”