A&E: Students enjoy expressing themselves through fashion

As they grow up, teenagers often start to care more about how they present themselves to the world. Some SCHS students turn to fashion, accessories and hair color to express their mood and personality.

Freshman Ina Woo uses her clothing and make-up to express how she is feeling on any given day. Woo has recently started to take more of an interest in what she wears and has found her personal style through choosing her own clothes.

“I didn’t really care about clothes before. My mom did all of the shopping for me,” Woo said. “As I got older, my parents started to let me decide what clothes I wanted to wear and through that, I got to find my own style.”

Like Woo, senior Maria Arias Lezama uses clothing to display her daily moods. She particularly likes to use color to represent her feelings.

“It’s fun sometimes when you dress up all in black. That means something cool is happening to you, or if you are wearing yellow, to other people, it means that you are happy,” Lezama said. “It’s like expressing yourself without saying anything.”

Styling, accessories and hair has been helpful for many students with discovering more about themselves. One of these students is freshman Breanna Guillot.

“When I dyed my hair for the first time, I had dyed it pink, and I guess I was trying to find myself,” Guillot said. “I had gone back to blonde, and that hair got dyed again purple and pink, and it made me express the colors that I liked.”

Woo had a similar experience.

“I kind of discovered who I am by trying on different clothes and thinking, “Oh, do I really feel comfortable in this, or do I feel comfortable in this?’” Woo said. “Kind of like pushing my boundaries a little bit to kind of discover more things about myself.”

Lezama also benefited from using style and accessories as self expression after wearing outfits outside of her comfort zone.

“I was so quiet. I was so shy,” Lezama said. “When I started to do this (wearing outfits outside of her comfort zone), it was awesome because I didn’t feel shy anymore. I had power within me.”

Sophomore Joshua Raimpour has also gained confidence through his sense of style.

“I have my own unique style that I have come to like about myself, creating a more confident self in me,” Raimpour said.

Many Bruins love expressing themselves through clothing and make-up, and they find fashion and style to be a positive and unique way to represent their interests and individuality.

“It honestly depends on what kind of things you are into wearing,” Raimpour said. “Everybody has a different style and a different sense of fashion.”