A&E: One reporter suggests tips and ideas for a fresh spring reset

For many, the Spring brings expectations to refresh spaces and welcome new energy, but for some, the task of resetting in one month is difficult. Along with the end of the school year approaching, many students feel they are under immense pressure to finish the year strong and on a positive note. Despite all of the stressful factors, one reporter has multiple tips for managing your belongings and making do with your Spring space.

When starting a new project such as gardening, it is crucial to keep in mind these simple steps when growing your garden. For the first step, find a sunlit spot for your produce, such as a patch of dirt, a potted plant or even an indoor garden spot. After you have set up your garden, it is important to select the correct nutritional soil for your plants. Many gardeners purchase store-bought soil and add compostable organic matter, such as mulch, leaf molds or aged manure. At the store, make sure to select the right plants for the soil and garden space you have. While planting any produce, manage the growth of the plant by checking up on any recent weather habits. Study upcoming expectations of harsh wind, rain or frost to protect your produce and help them grow.

For many, cleaning can be a stressful activity, but with some music and tips, your space can stay refreshed and ready for you. While starting a new cleaning project can be difficult, it is important to not take on every single corner and shelf at once. Start with one room at first to prioritize one cleaning task at a time. Begin in a bedroom by stripping your bed sheets and picking up any laundry to create a clear space. Clean any mirrors, glass and desk countertops to wipe any streaks or dust off of their surfaces. Be sure to vacuum, sweep or mop your floor area as well. While cleaning, designate a travel trash can to carry with you to get rid of any trash or waste throughout each room. If you are cleaning a bathroom, start with sinks, countertops and the toilet. While making an effort to clean effectively, the one thing to always keep in mind is to keep moving along with the process. If you feel the need to stop or take a break, set a timer for five to 10 minutes and then come back to your work area. When cleaning in the kitchen, be sure to always prioritize cleaning the larger features first. You can always simplify your cleaning environment by removing unnecessary objects out of the way, for instance, putting dishes in the sink or dishwasher, as well as putting away everyday objects for the time being. Start with your stove or microwave by removing any stains or food buildup. Clean every counter and table surface, then start on the dishes. When cleaning any wood floor, begin sweeping any dirt or dust into the trash. When it comes to vacuuming, do the length of any surface in rows to efficiently vacuum the entire area. After using any clothes, towels or removing bedding, save the best for last by rewarding yourself with multiple loads of laundry.

Toward the end of the school year, many students may feel the need to replace or discard old items to declutter or renew their belongings. While reorganizing is healthy, here is one way to organize possessions while also sprucing up any decorations. Starting with a bedroom, one spot to tuck away items is underneath any bed. Using a storage space for accessible items like bedding or extra clothing is a great way to tidy and free up space. Along with the bed storage, another place to store items is your closet. Start with sectioning off pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding and other belongings. Examine one section of your belongings and seperate a pile of items you want to donate next to a pile of items you want to keep. Keep in mind that it is helpful to question yourself about the value of the objects you are organizing. Ask yourself if the item brings you sufficient joy or use. Recall the last time you wore or utilized the item. Has the object seen the world outside of your closet in a while? Repeat this questionnaire process with the rest of your sections. Next, you want to keep your items organized for as long as possible while in your closet. One way to do this is by using racks, baskets and bags to house all of your sections. After tackling any extra items in need of space, the next area to organize can be your bedside table. When decluttering or creating your bedside table, plan for a thinner and smaller piece of furniture. Minimize any items on top of the table to not create any unnecessary hassle. Identify the items you want in any nearby drawers and organize those areas by placing stackable small trays into the drawers. Handling cords and wires can be a nightmare, but with plastic clips, your charging cord can stay right next to you and look clean attached to your bedside table. Additionally, to add a taste of your own and complete the ideal bedroom look, put up artwork or photos that represent yourself. By creating a space that functions with you and your daily life, you have restored one part of your routine and are ready for the season of Spring.