CAMPUS: Students find stress-free environments on their commutes

After waking up to their blaring alarm clock, a student rushes out the door for their walk to school. Once on the street, the student puts on headphones to start their morning with a relaxing activity.

Whether it is due to lack of transportation, distance, or preference, many SCHS students find themselves walking to and from school. Freshman Ruchi Alavilli usually enjoys her morning walk to school, but sometimes finds it boring.

“I use the time to plan out my day, and mentally prepare myself,” Alavilli said. “When I’m really bored, I start asking myself silly philosophical questions, like, ‘Why is the sky blue and not red?’”

When he walks to school, freshman Amit Gat also uses that time productively by listening to podcasts to learn about new things.

“I usually play podcasts or music, so yeah, it’s relaxing,” Gat said. “I usually listen to stuff about the universe and physics.”

Like Gat, sophomore Neha Mahadevan also likes walking to school. She often uses her walk as a time to reset and prepare for the day.

“It’s quiet, and I don’t have to talk to anyone,” Mahadevan said. “I just like to listen to music and walk because I don’t like to talk in the morning.”

Junior Kathleen Podraza also enjoys the walk to school. After a tiring day of schoolwork, time for herself is often what Podraza needs.

“I think it’s a nice way to relax before school and a good way to destress afterwards,” Podraza said. “It is a small mental break for me to relax.”

In the very busy life of the average high school student, it can be hard to find a moment of rest. For many, dedicating time for self care can be difficult, so many students treasure their walks to school for their moment of peace before a long school day.

“I need a few minutes each day to just think about myself, you know?” Alavilli said.