CAMPUS: Students take advantage of Tutorial Time

In an attempt to improve students’ access to resources and teacher support, SCHS has introduced a new rendition of the student support period that seeks to improve many of the shortcomings from the previous version. What began as time for students to read silently on their own has evolved into a system in which a student can visit the classroom of any of their current teachers to receive help.

Vice Principal Sharon Freeman explained that she wanted the tutorial period to provide academic support and an opportunity for independent productivity.

“When we came back after distance learning, they (the school administration) wanted to guarantee this time for students to be able to get support from their teachers as well as where (students) can get work done during the school day,” Freeman said.

Previously, the school employed a system in which student support was attached to sixth period, where students could work on assignments in their sixth period classrooms and could only visit teachers who had given permission via a signed student support pass. 

“Now, the idea is that you can just go and visit any of your current teachers to get support, or just use that time to get homework done,” Freeman said.

Not only are students able to visit any of their teachers, they can also spend tutorial at locations such as the track, cafeteria and library. This new, more flexible system has helped students such as sophomore Logan Van Pelt.

“I have asked teachers questions before in classes I was struggling in,” Van Pelt said. “I’ve been able to prepare for classes easier (and) get homework done earlier.”

Student support has become a resource for students who want to keep up with schoolwork and prepare for tests. However, many students and teachers feel uneasy with the tool SCHS uses for attendance, the 5-Star Students application.

“It kind of gives more of a prison vibe than having a school feeling with having to be watched where you’re going,” said Van Pelt.

The 5-Star Students app requires that all students check into their student support class, most often using a QR code, to keep track of attendance. Freeman, having prior experience with the app, explained the necessity of the feature.

“I used it at my previous school,” Freeman said. “This is our way to check and verify attendance and make sure that students are where they need to be.”

As the school year progresses, students will continue to be able to utilize what many see as the powerful resource that is student support. While students and teachers have their feedback on the new implementation, Freeman believes it is an improvement overall.

“We’ve had some hiccups here and there,” Freeman said. “I think giving them time during the school day to get work done is very, very helpful.”