OPINION: Society’s hustlers sell snake oil and deception, not success or wealth

The great successes of men like Elon Musk, Ray Kroc, Jeff Bezos and other entrepreneurs are often envied. They’ve led businesses that are now worth billions of dollars, and live lavish lives in mansions, with garages housing a dozen cars worth over $100,000. Unfortunately, the chances of becoming rich are so low many give up and choose to look for easier ways to earn money. Many have stumbled upon Andrew Tate and his online course, Hustlers University, on how to make easy money. The hustler lifestyle teaches young aspiring entrepreneurs that working traditional jobs get them nowhere. This fake lifestyle is a delusion that many have come to believe because of lies on social media.

A common misconception is the time spent working directly correlates with success. Eventually, working more does not provide any more benefit when it starts to become obsessive. The hustler lifestyle is usually defined as aggressive. The work-based physicality of the hustler lifestyle causes harm to its host, and overworking oneself leads to a plethora of physical and mental harm. According to the Cleveland Clinic, working 55 hours a week increases the chance of blood clots and strokes.

People who attribute their riches and success to the hustler lifestyle do not openly push the side effects of it, which causes an idealistic image of the lifestyle. The flashy business pitches and foolproof ways to get rich makes many feel guilty and obligated to adopt the salesman’s lifestyle. The idea of a simple change in lifestyle yielding significant and proportional benefit is incredibly appealing, and traps people into a flawed mindset that is supposedly a perfectly designed ideology.

Increased work hours have two negative side effects: more stress and less time to maintain proper health. The Medium reported that without the time to maintain one’s health, hygiene practices become a secondhand thought. At the end of the day, what social media hustlers are reporting as the cause of their success is wholly detrimental to one’s relationships, work efficiency and overall health.