A&E: Self care helps to boost the confidence of some students, when done for the right reasons

Often targeting teenagers, self-care has become a modern trend, through practices including meditating, exercising and skin care. These practices have become so popular that over two thirds of Americans have started partaking in these routines, People magazine reported. Many students at SCHS also practice self-care and shared their reasons for starting and the ways they improve their daily lives.

Freshman Jiomari Mercado incorporated self care into his life by exercising with zero expenses besides the cost of his time. Mercado explained that maintaining motivation to exercise can be difficult, but he keeps up with his routine to stay healthy.

“It’s a hardcore lifestyle,” Mercado said. “It’s not something a normal person would be able to get in everyday.”

Starting his exercise routine around a year ago, Mercado is proud of how it has benefited his mental health. He views his self-image as a key part of his identity and credits it to exercising.

“I’m pretty happy with myself that I’m still taking care of myself better than other people would,” Mercado said.

Sophomore Arya Yadav has a different approach toward self-care, with her consistent skin care routine. Yadav explained that her routine provides a positive start to her day and boosts her confidence.

“I don’t feel confident enough, and this routine brings back my confidence.” Yadav said. “It helped me prepare for the day.”

Along with helping her to become more confident, Yadav often feels stressed due to school work, and her routine takes her mind off of the negativity she feels.

“I think I definitely feel less groggy. I feel like a lot of stress is gone,” Yadav said. “I just wait to take my mind off the things from the pressure of school standards.”

Like Yadav, sophomore Ina Wu focuses on skin care as a way to take care of herself. Wu especially appreciates seeing those who do not traditionally participate in it sharing her love for the practice.

“It makes me feel so happy when I see other people doing skin care or sharing their skin care, especially boys and men doing skin care because there’s this idea that it’s a thing for girls, but skin care is for everybody,” Wu said.

Wu pointed out, however, that the costly standard set by society puts an unrealistic look on the skin care community. Wu explained that skin care does not have to be as elaborate as sometimes advertised.

“I see (influencers) doing their skin care routines, and there are a lot of steps in it with products that are rather expensive,” Wu said. “I don’t feel like that’s too realistic because you can achieve good skin with drugstore products.”

Many SCHS students feel that starting a routine for themselves rather than to fit the standards of others is important. They believe the media should not affect what they think of themselves.

“There’s a lot of false advertising for the standards that specifically girls should do self care often,” Yadav said. “I feel like you shouldn’t just focus on the media. You should focus on yourself.”