A&E: Stay in or eat out? Students share their ideal dining locations

After a long day at school, a student treats themself to a tasty meal, whether at a restaurant, local shop or at home. Students at SCHS find eating out with friends and family enjoyable and appreciate the quality time meals provide.

Freshman Priya Pudasaini enjoys sharing meals with her father. Since she was six years old, Pudasaini has been making memories with her father at a donut shop in San Bruno, where they share special connections.

“My dad used to live in San Bruno in the ‘90s,” Pudasaini said. “Ever since we were young, he used to take us over there because he used to get breakfast from there every day.”

After visiting the shop for years, Pudasaini has many sentimental memories there with her father. She has especially fond memories of their shared rides on motorcycles when driving to the shop.

“It’s just a place I like going to with him whenever we go on a motorcycle,” Pudasaini said. “It’s kind of like a place where I felt connected to him.”

While some students prefer eating at a restaurant, junior Hayden Vinson prefers eating at home. He finds cooking in the kitchen entertaining and inexpensive.

“It (cooking at home) is cheaper, and I also like to cook,” Vinson said. “Getting ingredients and making the food yourself is cheaper and more fun.”

Though Vinson favors eating at home, he sometimes finds pleasure eating out with his family on special occasions.

“I like eating at Benihana,” Vinson said. “That was the restaurant my parents would take me and my little brothers for our birthdays when we were younger.”

Similar to Vinson, sophomore Julia Daroczi chooses to eat meals at home. Daroczi enjoys both eating her mom’s food and cooking for herself.

“My mom makes tasty food, so I like eating it,” Daroczi said. “It is healthier and more convenient for us to have food at home. Also, at home I can cook or bake, which I enjoy.”

When she is not enjoying meals at home, Daroczi will occasionally eat out. While she sometimes eats food from chain restaurants, Daroczi tries to support smaller local shops.

“I want to support small businesses,” Daroczi said. “They take time to make delicious food.”

Daroczi also likes eating with her family and friends at Fantasia, a boba place that Daroczi has dined at for years.

“I always used to go there with my family when I was a kid,” Daroczi said. “I have memories of going on errands and walking around the stores and getting boba. I have been eating there since I was in kindergarten.”

Students like Daroczi appreciate the experience of dining with their loved ones and the quality time that sharing meals provides.

“I go out to eat with my family and my friends because it’s fun to bond and talk while we eat,” Daroczi said.