A&E: Students share their unforgettable concert experiences

Sophomore Kai Vader enters the concert, blinding lights, a large stage and a noisy crowd are just some of the things he notices. His excitement of seeing a famous artist perform their songs creates an erupting applause in the arena.

“The experience of being around other people that also enjoy the same things, you really bond over it,” Vader said. “ Everyone singing along is really cool.”

Vader has seen many concerts throughout his life. He has seen artists such as Cavetown, The B-52’s, Bikini Kill and Katy Perry. Vader enjoys meeting new people at concerts who have similar interests to him.

Like Vader, sophomore Josephine Smith has been to many concerts throughout her life. She has seen live performances of Elton John, Neil Diamond, Grateful Dead, Pitbull and Taylor Swift. Smith loves the environment of the shows.

“I like the ambiance of it all. It’s not like any image,” Smith said. “It’s really nice coming to concerts and just seeing other people really enjoy the music.”

After seeing The Weeknd and BTS, freshman Rimsha Faheem enjoys seeing people have the time of their lives at the performances, especially if it is their first time attending a concert.

“It’s fun to see everyone around you have fun,” Faheem said. “It’s just like a different experience, especially if you haven’t been to one before.”

With the welcoming concert environment, having a connection with the performer can make attending a concert a special experience. Vader is especially interested in the history of the performer and their journey to success.

“It’s inspiring that they probably started from nothing and then got to perform on a stage in front of thousands of people,” Vader said. “So that’s what I find fascinating about it.”

Attending concerts since he was young, Vader has many memories from various shows. He recalled a special experience he had at a Cavetown concert.

“When there were bubbles at the very end, it was so fun,” Vader said. “Also, we were right next to the stage, so we were so close, and everyone was throwing gifts and stuff on stage.”

Faheem believes seeing concerts in person brings the music to life because the audience will feel more connected with the artist and have a better time.

“Seeing it in person is completely different because you see how they sing it and how everyone around you reacts to it,” Faheem said.

Being with loved ones at concerts is important to many SCHS students like Smith, who thinks it can create unforgettable memories, particularly when at a live performance.

“Going with people that you love and people that mean a lot to you is sweet,” Smith said.