A&E: The Roar’s recipe review: Valentine’s cookies, cakes and chocolates

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

The classic treat: chocolate-covered strawberries are a staple on Valentine’s Day. This is partially because of how simple and quick they are to make, taking about ten to fifteen minutes, and they are relatively inexpensive. The only ingredients are strawberries, chocolate chips and toppings such as sprinkles and chocolate drizzle. The most challenging part of making chocolate-covered strawberries is melting the chocolate to dip the strawberries in. Many will choose to microwave the chocolate chips as it is more convenient, yet one may risk burning the chocolate. As an alternative, many websites recommend melting them over a stovetop. While the stovetop method takes longer, it creates better results. The key is to constantly stir the chocolate while it is melting, otherwise, it will not evenly spread over the berries. Once the chocolate is entirely melted, simply dip the strawberries into the chocolate, add the desired toppings and put the strawberries in the fridge so the chocolate can harden quickly. Overall, the recipe was easy to make and tasted good. It is one I recommend everyone try to make.

Red velvet snickerdoodle cookies

While snickerdoodle cookies are not usually associated with Valentine’s Day, this colorful spin on the classic cookie is perfect for Valentine’s season. This recipe uses a variety of ingredients, making it more expensive to make. However, it was not especially time-consuming. The process only took about 25 minutes to make the dough before baking the cookies. The most difficult part of baking these snickerdoodle cookies was spacing out the dough properly as they expand very quickly and can merge with other cookies. An alternative to this method is to cut the cookies with cookie cutters. Cutting the dough gives it a consistent shape that helps with spacing and baking the cookies. Once the cookie dough is shaped, the cookies bake quickly, taking around eight to ten minutes. These red velvet snickerdoodles are a simple Valentine’s day recipe that does not take long, makes a lot of cookies and comes out delicious. I recommend this recipe to those looking for a sweet treat on a sweet day.

Chocolate Chip Cookie cake

The last Valentine’s day recipe is a chocolate chip cookie cake. This recipe was the most complicated one to make, as it took a large number of ingredients and was more time-consuming than the snickerdoodles and chocolate-covered strawberries. It took about an hour to make the dough and bake it. However, since the cake is made with a mold pan, there is no need to worry about spacing out the dough or keeping it in a consistent shape. One can simply throw the dough in the mold and let it bake. Some parts of the recipe can be altered. For example, the dough can be put into several mini molds sheets to make cookie bites, and the amount of chocolate chips can also be changed. The most important part of this recipe is baking the cookie. The dough is thick, so it can be difficult to determine when it is ready to come out of the oven. A good way to check if the cake is done baking is to do the toothpick test, which consists of inserting a toothpick into the cake and seeing if it comes out clean or not. If the toothpick is clean, the cake is finished baking. Overall, while this cake was more time-consuming and required more ingredients, the finished product was delicious.