A&E: How does social media change music?

Since the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok, the number of songs that have gained recognition and streams has increased drastically. Countless artists use the opportunities that social media gives them to promote their music to new audiences and expand their influence. Some believe that there are good and bad sides to songs blowing up. Many SCHS students have mixed feelings about the rise of music through social media.

Sophomore Ellie Calderon shared that there are upsides to the tiktokification of music, such as introducing new genres and songs to audiences, which benefits both artists and listeners.

“I feel like it could really introduce artists,” Calderon said. “It gives artists more popularity, and you can add more songs to your playlist.”

Similarly, freshman Skylar Mechlin noted there are many reasons song exposure is good, but there are also downsides, such as songs becoming earworms and overplayed.

“It’s bittersweet,” Mechlin said. “Some of the songs that they make that go viral are pretty good and I’m glad I discovered them, but other times, they kind of ruin songs by making them annoying.”

Many agree that overplaying songs ruins its quality over time. Senior Jackie Vo gave an example of the blown up song “Bad Habit” that has gotten on her nerves since its rise. Countless songs have begun to irritate many due to the fact that they are everywhere.

“‘Bad Habit,’ it’s a good song, and the lyrics are good. It’s just played everywhere, and people do not shut up about it. It’s like the only one of his songs that people know,” Vo said.

Vo also recognized that social media has a large impact on the music industry, which on one hand, signifies that songs are reaching countless audiences. On the other hand, it demonstrates that music is being shown repeatedly everywhere, and the audiences that viral music has started to reach are not limited to Gen Z.

“Some popular music is used as background music on popular videos on Facebook, which is where all the moms, aunts, dads go,” Vo said. “It really goes to everyone.”

With the ever-changing community that is the internet, it does not surprise many that there are countless controversies. Whether they enjoy the tiktokification of music or despise it, many agree that it plays a large role in society.

“TikTok has had an interesting impact on the music industry, and some of it’s good, some of it’s bad,” Mechlin said.