One Direction is heading in the wrong direction with new album

One Direction is heading in the wrong direction with new album

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past two years, you have probably heard the song “What Makes You Beautiful” by the British boy band, One Direction.

The band has come a long way since then, and has just released its third studio album, “Midnight Memories,” last Tuesday on Nov. 26.

The album begins with the opening lines of the song “Best Song Ever,” a song that I am not extremely amused by, yet many other teenage girls are in love with. It is followed by “Story of My Life,” which I think may be one of the band’s best songs to date.

I completely fell in love with the songs that stood out to me most, like “You & I,” “Don’t Forget Where You Belong,” “Happily,” and “Little Black Dress.”

The energetic rock in “Little Black Dress” really brings back a feel from the 70s, which is pretty fresh in this generation. The beautiful ballad “You & I” really hits close to home, because the words are very beautiful, and the melody is not your average ballad melody.

These songs have great messages and great melodies behind them, which makes them exciting to listen to.

However, there are many songs that want to put me to sleep. I did not like a lot of songs because they all sounded exactly the same; same beats, same words, same rhythms, same pop chords… How boring!

Some of these songs are “Diana,” “Strong,” and “Something Great,” just to name a few.

One song that made me cringe was “Half a Heart.” It sounded exactly the same as their song “More Than This” from their first album, “Up All Night,” which irritated me, because nothing will ever compare to how good the song “More Than This” was.

Also, what is up with such blunt words? It sounds like the song “Best Song Ever” was accidentally written by a babbling little baby.

“I think it went ‘oh’, ‘oh’, ‘oh’. I think it went ‘yeah’, ‘yeah’, ‘yeah.’ I think it went ‘ohhh.’”


Another thing that displeases me is that not only do these songs all sound like tunes from the band’s previous albums, but these songs also sound the same in comparison to each other! One example of this is the instrumental introduction of “Through the Dark,” which fairly mimics the introduction of “Story of My Life.”

Although this album is not as boring as their second album, “Take Me Home,” I am getting pretty tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.

I want something fresh! I want something that does not sound like every other song!

Come on boys. Where is the freshness that many girls fell in love with in the first place?

Unfortunately, I’d have to say that this album was a miss for me. The repetitive pop beats seem to just have been recycled from their previous two albums.

It is because of these reasons that their first album is so far unbeatable to me. It was fresh, it was unique and it was fun.

Sorry boys, but it seems that the “best song ever” was not on this album.