The Roar

The Multicultural Dance club strives to absorb culture through dance

Alina Jafri

February 23, 2019

The crowd’s cheers echo in the gym as the song “All the Way Up - Bhangra Remix” plays. Multicultural Dance Club is at center stage performing an Indian traditional dance for SCHS. “The feeling we got when the whole school cheered us on and got lit with us will always be in our memories,” c...

OPINION: Sequels and reboots are unnecessary cash grabs

Giovana Marquez

February 22, 2019

Enjoying media simply because it is old has become increasingly prominent in recent years. Trends of the past are booming in current generations beyond their initial popularity. The uptick in nostalgia means that movie producers are capitalizing on and revisiting what was once loved. This is good ne...

Shark Tank Club aims to prepare the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Neha Mandava

February 21, 2019

SCHS freshman Akash Vig believes that everyone should receive the opportunity to make their ideas into a reality. Since middle school, Vig saw that many of his peers were making amazing creations, but they eventually lost interest and their ideas went to waste. This observation led to the birth of the Shark T...

OPINION: Sports should be evenly spread throughout the first and second semesters

Vy Ho

February 20, 2019

Spring semester brings in a jam-packed second half of the year for students participating in the multiple events occuring at SCHS. There are several different sports available during the spring alongside the yearly Battle of the Classes (BOTC) and the Black and Blue Olympics (BBO). The semester also nears ...

Varsity boys soccer deprived of senior night

Samantha Alde

February 18, 2019

The SCHS boys soccer teams’ seasons were cut short after receiving several red cards during their ongoing probation. According to head soccer coach Dan Sequeira, JV earning multiple red cards earlier in the season pushed the boys soccer program to a tipping point. Varsity receiving their first red card ...

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