OPINION: The girls’ locker rooms need to be opened on time

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Dressing out in PE clothes is mandatory for students taking physical education at SCHS, but the long wait to enter the locker room for girls is an overlooked issue needing to be addressed.

PE teachers tend to keep the changing room under constant watch and the doors locked to prevent students who are not in the class from entering. Due to this, the girls arriving to and leaving from PE are left waiting outside. Fourth period girls often wait 10 minutes due to the long passing period.

The boys, however, do not face the same problem. According to freshman James Phan, there is not much of a wait to use the locker room. They are given enough time to change and arrive to class on time.

Freshman Emily Scott said that waiting outside is frustrating and feels like a waste of time. Having PE fourth period, Scott said she has to wait the full 10-minute passing period and sometimes more before entering the locker room. Sophomore Jennifer Liu shares Scott’s sentiments.

“I feel like the fact that we have to wait so long for PE is sometimes like a damp towel on our day in the sense that it ruins it sometimes,” Liu said.

The recent on-and-off chilly weather makes waiting outside even worse for the girls. The teachers still make them wait at the beginning of class even when it is raining. Students should not be forced to endure the harsh weather.

The issue does not end with getting into class. Coming from PE and ready to change back into street clothes, the girls have to wait again for the door to be opened either by a PE teacher or another student already inside.

Being let into the locker room late can affect students’ attendance. They are given less time to change and use the bathroom in the given six minutes, which could cause a tardy to their next class.

Though there does need to be some security around the locker room to prevent wandering students from entering, it is essential that the PE students have access to them when needed.

Ultimately, students in PE should not have to wait on teachers to enter the locker room. They need to be able to use it when necessary and within an adequate amount of time. The PE teachers need to realize the importance of having the girls’ locker room open on time for students to be able to change.

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