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Compared to numerous other countries, America leads in food waste.

OPINION: Free meals should not excuse food waste

Khadeejah Khan October 12, 2021

The United States leads the world in many areas, from having the most Olympic gold medals to the largest economy. However, it should not take pride in being the world’s most wasteful country. With the...

Greenwashing is a marketing tactic used by many companies in order to portray their products as eco-friendly.

OPINION: Greenwashing is misleading, contradictory and harmful

Khadeejah Khan February 2, 2021

As more people strive to make increasingly sustainable choices, some keywords consumers may look for when buying products include “eco-friendly,” “green” or “environmentally-friendly.” What...

Many SCHS students use hiking as a way to spend time outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A&E: SCHS students and staff go on hikes to stay active during COVID-19

Jennifer Baker November 2, 2020

Many members of the SCHS community have found hiking as a way to get exercise outdoors while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sophomore Sahana Moogi likes being in nature and enjoys escaping...

Food delivery often uses plastic containers, which can harm the environment.

OPINION: People should try to find alternatives to food delivery, which produces an abundance of plastic waste

Dalila Prudente Barajas April 21, 2020

Takeout food is convenient, easy and most of the time, delicious. However, every order uses plastic to make the meal efficient for transport. Some of it is recyclable or compostable but most is waste....

OPINION: The US is abandoning its responsibility to the future of the planet by leaving the Paris Agreement

Olivia Jones November 8, 2019

In the latest development of the ongoing climate crisis, the Trump administration has formally announced that the United States will be leaving the Paris Agreement on climate change. Trump’s announcement,...

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