A&E: SCHS students and staff go on hikes to stay active during COVID-19


Amelia Howell

Many SCHS students use hiking as a way to spend time outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many members of the SCHS community have found hiking as a way to get exercise outdoors while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sophomore Sahana Moogi likes being in nature and enjoys escaping being inside during COVID-19 by going on hikes.

“I most often go to Ranch San Antonio with my dad and then New Staff Ulistac with my mom,” Moogi said. “But it’s typically early in the morning before sunrise with constant pretty views when reaching the end of the trail at the top.”

Moogi prefers longer hikes because she said there is more to see regardless of where they went. According to Moogi, any place in nature or wildlife in general provides a beautiful and relaxing feeling that breaks up the monotony of her everyday life at home.

Senior Setareh Rahimpour also enjoys getting outside by hiking. Rahimpour prefers to hike for longer periods of time to experience the positive beauties of nature during the negative aspects of COVID-19.

“Some of my favorite spots that I went to over quarantine were Alum Rock, Mendecino and Mission Peak,” Rahimpour said. “Just being in nature and being away from technology where the air is fresh with so many trees.”

Rahimpour hikes with her older sister. The two create challenges for themselves during each hike, keeping themselves busy and focusing on each other’s presence. Rahimpour and her sister encourage each other to do the best they can and be productive during COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, junior Niko Evangelista did not know that he enjoyed being outside in nature. Since March, however, Evangelista has found that hikes are a fun way to be outdoors safely. He said he is willing to continue going on hikes and enjoys the rewards at the top of the trails.

“My favorite hiking spot is probably Mission Peak because it’s a challenge and fun at the same time,” Evangelista said. “The view when you get to the top is my favorite part about hiking because I also know that I get exercise in, but at the same time, I also get to experience a nice view with my favorite snacks.”

SCHS biology and AVID teacher Risha Shah loves to get out and explore the surrounding areas in the Bay Area. As a biology teacher, she likes seeing nature and animals.

“If I have the time to do a longer (hike), then I will. It’s a hobby that helps me get away,” Shah said.

According to Shah, shelter-in-place has hindered her motivation to get outside. She found that hiking was a great opportunity to feel grounded again and step away from technology.

Shah saw her positive memories as motivation to get back into nature and make new memories while staying safe and social distancing. According to Shah, she never hikes by herself because she prefers to experience nature with others.

“My family used to hike with my family friends and everyone would bring their kids and we would all go together,” Shah said.