The Roar

While popularity may seem exciting to many, it ends up causing a loss of quality friendships and weakens ones self-identity.

OPINION: Being popular should not be popular

Mia Rahbar April 24, 2024

Teenage movies have shown popular teenagers to be pretty, constantly in a relationship and maintaining a good status in their academic and public life. The non-popular characters in these movies are always...

OP-ED: Horror movies are the social commentary that we need

October 28, 2023

Many regard horror films as a source of adrenaline, oozing with gore, jumpscares and quick frights. Horror films, however, are worthwhile not just as graphic and disturbing thrills but as windows into...

Shows from other countries and cultures like squid Game have helped students feel a sense of belonging.

Students find value in proper film representation beyond stereotypes

Rebecca LaBarge January 14, 2022

In recent years, the popularity of shows and movies from places around the world, such as anime and K-dramas, has been at an all time high. According to CNET, since its release, people have watched more...

Luca is a vibrant film that evokes the emotions of many viewers.

Summer of 2021 offered a vast array of movies and shows for all viewers to enjoy

KennedyRose Stiver September 14, 2021

While August and September represent the beginning of a new school year, some see these months as the conclusion of summer. To reflect on these summer months, readers can still enjoy the entertainment...

OPINION: Trigger warnings cause more damage than help

Nathaniel Hekster February 19, 2021

As it becomes increasingly easier to find content of all kinds on the internet, many argue for the importance of trigger or content warnings to ensure that viewers are staying safe online. Content...

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