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Luca is a vibrant film that evokes the emotions of many viewers.

Summer of 2021 offered a vast array of movies and shows for all viewers to enjoy

KennedyRose Stiver September 14, 2021

While August and September represent the beginning of a new school year, some see these months as the conclusion of summer. To reflect on these summer months, readers can still enjoy the entertainment...

OPINION: Trigger warnings cause more damage than help

Nathaniel Hekster February 19, 2021

As it becomes increasingly easier to find content of all kinds on the internet, many argue for the importance of trigger or content warnings to ensure that viewers are staying safe online. Content...

OPINION: Villain redemption arcs in fiction are tired and often poorly executed

OPINION: Villain redemption arcs in fiction are tired and often poorly executed

Stefan Pantic February 19, 2021

Redeeming or giving redemption arcs to villains has been a fairly common trope in writing recently. While as a concept this can be an interesting way to flesh out antagonistic characters and make them...

Students notice the screen time for Black human characters is disproportionate compared to white human characters.

A&E: Students recognize dehumanization of Black characters in Disney animated movies

Emily Harvie February 19, 2021

Beginning with the release of Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” in 2009 and the 2020 film release of “Soul,” some have noticed a pattern of dehumanizing Black characters in animated films....

2020 saw many achievements for women, Black people and the LGBTQ community.

10 events from 2020 that prove this year wasn’t all bad, according to one reporter

Melina Kritikopoulos December 31, 2020

Four years ago, former “The Roar” staffer Sasha Syrevych wrote a story called “Ten good things that happened in 2016” in an effort to wrap up what we all thought was the worst year of our lives....

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