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Near identical sounding clubs may seem similar, but each to their own unique goals and ideas

Olivia Jones

One day in P.E., sophomores Sofia Kritikopoulos and Kaylee Ngo were sparked to bring girls closer together when they noticed that many gossiped within their own groups and cli...

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Within a single period, ASL goes to a field trip and back

January 31

SCHS students compete in teen pageants

January 31

Four-year security guard Sharon Ratliff leaves for Wilcox High School

January 30

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OPINION: Students have a right to know grades as soon as possible

Ankith Maremanda

Many students have been in the position where they realize some of their grades have not been published and assignments not returned. Sometimes it feels like forever before th...

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  • OPINION: Disney is on the right path with its new focus February 14
  • OPINION: Christmas music needs to take a break December 21
  • OPINION: Use the bathrooms cleanly December 17

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Boys varsity basketball team win against Homestead

Sajaa Ahmad and Kiara Thorp

The SCHS Bruins varsity basketball team went head to head in an intense overtime game against the Homestead Mustangs that came down to the final seconds. The Bruins upset...

February 3No Comments

Santa Clara girls varsity wins against Lynbrook on breast cancer awareness night

January 16

Girls varsity soccer ends game against Presentation Panthers with 0-0 tie

December 8

Senior Night football game ends in defeat, but team is ready for next year

November 6

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Ten good things that happened in 2016

Ten good things that happened in 2016

Sasha Syrevych

A lot of people believe that 2016 was a really confusing and difficult year. Some, such as the entertaining website “BuzzFeed,” even say that it was the worst in the la...

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“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is this year’s highly anticipated Star Wars movie

December 15

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a fantasy must-see

November 24

Fall show “Lend Me a Tenor” is a must-watch

November 17

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The student news site of Santa Clara High School
The student news site of Santa Clara High School