B-wing to undergo construction for American Ninja Warrior; English and history teachers forced to move (APRIL FOOLS’)


Sameeha Shafik; Graphics by Sameeha Shafik

SCHS welcomes American Ninja Warrior to their campus.

American Ninja Warrior is coming to SCHS! The B-Wing will be repurposed into a Ninja Warrior Complex based on the famous NBC television show.

By popular demand from the student body, the course will include many of the rigorous obstacles seen on the show, including the Warped Wall, a 14.5 feet wall that participants will have to scale in order to finish the course.

As an avid fan of the show, sophomore Kaley Doganzaro is looking forward to showing the school what she’s made of.

“I’m excited to face the Warped Wall,” Doganzaro said. “I’ve been watching the show for years, and I’ve picked up all the tips and tricks to completing the course.”

In order to build the complex, the B-Wing will have to be restructured. All of the English and history teachers are being asked to move their classes onto the football field.

“I’m pretty disappointed that I have to move my class and all my materials to the football field,” English teacher Charles Little said. “But I guess the fresh air will be nice.”

Principal Shell Bee has been planning the production of the Ninja Warrior Complex for years. His hope was to find a new way for students to exercise and have fun. Because the course is designed to be challenging, those who train and participate will be exempt from all physical education requirements.

“I think it’s an amazing idea,” physical education teacher Ron Brickwall said. “As long as I don’t have to do the course, I’m fine with it.”

While some students have begun to prepare for the course in the hope of winning, others have different motives.

“I’m just doing this for the credit,” junior Noah Effort said. “This is the most interesting P.E. option at SCHS or any other high school.”

Construction of the course will be finished by next school year, giving participants time to train.

“I was going to spend my summer with my friends and family, relaxing and going on vacation,” freshman Tristan Bull said. “Instead, I’m going to spend my summer at the gym working out and getting ready.”

The chance at glory and pride amongst their fellow students in addition to the physical education credits are the driving forces behind many of the contestants’ motivation.
“I’m not throwing away this opportunity to be a champion,” Bull said.