REVIEW: “Coco” is a colorful and heartwarming family tale

Disney and Pixar’s newest collaboration, “Coco,” was released this Wednesday. This simultaneously hilarious and dramatic picture is based on the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, and is expected to become one of the most watched films over the course of Thanksgiving break.


The studios that created classics like “Finding Dory” and “Toy Story” bring this lighthearted story to life with amazingly detailed animation and well-rounded characters that could captivate anyone young or old. The story has a lot of plot twists and will definitely melt hearts.


The main character is Miguel Rivera, a promising guitarist who dreams to be like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. It is obvious that the boy seeks to be a musician instead of a shoemaker, like all of his ancestors.


The problem is that Miguel’s family surprisingly doesn’t share his love for music due to some troubles in the past. In fact, Miguel thinks that they are the only family in Mexico who doesn’t like music.


To prove them wrong, adventurous boy wants to perform in the Día de los Muertos street concert to show off his talent. He needs an instrument to play, so he attempts to steal de la Cruz’s guitar from the star’s memorial. This part really tenses up the plot and puts the viewer on the edge of the chair, as the hero has to go through some serious struggles, like running away from his family and getting through all of the people unseen.


As a result of his actions, Miguel magically ends up in the Land of the Dead, a beautiful and spectacular place, where he meets his ancestors, who are definitely surprised to see their living heir among the dead.


The New York Times claims that “Coco” is “a family-friendly cartoon about death.” The afterlife is portrayed as a fun place to be at with parties and music everywhere. In the film, they say that when a person dies they don’t actually die unless they are forgotten, teaching kids that they should never forget their ancestors.


The idea of “Coco” slightly repeats the one of “The Book of Life,” released in 2014. In both movies characters end up in the Land of the Dead, where they meet their family. Some might even argue that the ideas are too similar to be comfortable watching either one.


Aside from that resemblance, “Coco” is a must-see for anyone, either alone or with family, as it has a warm atmosphere, much needed during Thanksgiving.


While the movie is full of bright colors and happy moments, it still touches the soul on a deep level and definitely requires having some tissues nearby.