CAMPUS: Junior Rohan Malyala creates a career-building program


Courtesy of Rohan Malyala

The DYC team aims to help users gain leadership skills and experience in their desired career field.

SCHS junior Rohan Malyala and his friend, UC Berkeley sophomore Anirudh Badrinath, created the Design Your Careers organization in mid-2018. DYC is a platform where students can, per the name, design their careers through a variety of diverse workshops led by volunteer mentors.

Since creating DYC, Malyala and Badrinath have been able to provide members with mentors, information and interactive workshops that claim to help them succeed in the future.

“We have initiated DYC as a singular platform to introduce our own knowledge, skills and passions to others while encouraging them to do the same,” Malyala said. “The DYC team seeks to introduce logical, academic, non-academic, arts, skills, abilities and activities that can help us grow collectively better than ever before.”

According to Malyala, the platform is able to help its members through a diverse variety of student and mentor-led workshops and community service opportunities.

“We established this as a global platform to provide maximum accessibility, flexibility, and tailorability to accelerate students’ unique interests and guide, or inspire others in all forms,” Malyala said. “DYC is the platform for sharing knowledge, learning skills and volunteering.”

Malyala said the most important aspect of Design Your Careers is the vast assortment of opportunities to gain fundamental skills offered.

“We have countless ways to participate from anywhere at a pace that fits one’s schedule,” Malyala said. “Anyone can join the DYC community and grow their leadership skills, share interesting topics on a global platform, get recognition and rise to their highest potential.”

Design Your Careers has given many mentors the opportunity to strengthen their connections within their community and gain experience with mentoring in order to help them in the future.

Malyala said that creating Design Your Careers gives students the platform they need to provide others with information, advance substantial skills and network.

“There are many students who would like to share knowledge, develop their leadership skills, but are looking for the opportunity to do the same,” Malyala said. “So, we came up with the idea of creating this platform.”

Moving forward, the team at Design Your Careers is working to make their organization accessible to everyone from any part of the world.

Overall, Malyala said he and Badrinath’s organization has successfully grown over the years. They have extensive plans for the future of Design Your Careers and encourage their community to participate.

“As a platform, we have grown tremendously in the last few years, with each student, mentor and volunteer putting their best foot forward for the spread of knowledge,” Malyala said. “We encourage one and all to be part of the DYC community and to contribute, share, learn and participate in what you need and what you can do.”